"This Tarot is an unusual idea by Pino Settanni, the photographer who has given us many remarkable portraits and compositions directly inspired by the Commedia dell'Arte. It is an interesting idea because it is innovatory. It gives the structure of the traditional Tarot a lively, dynamic and expressive dimension. All the characters which inspire the Major and Minor Arcana in this Tarot are real people. By being placed in an esoteric context and then photographed by an artist, they express the very essence of the Tarot message through their vibrant personalities. We must pay tribute to these artist-models who succeeded in merging perfectly into the symbolic structure of the traditional Tarot. All the symbolic scenes are interpreted solely by women, except for the role of the Fool, played by Mario Scaccia, one of the greatest actors of the Italian theatre.

Jean Louis Victor (Excerpt from Tarot Settanni Ed. AG. Muller)

Pino Settanni was born on 21 March 1949 in Grottaglie (Taranto) Italy. He has been taking photographs since 1966. Since1973, the year in which he moved to Rome, where he has since lived and worked, he has been a professional photographer.

Published Illustrated Books:

1975 "Voligrammi" - Texts by: Georges Boudaille, Emilio Villa - Ed.Nuova Foglio, Macerata
1979 "Sicilia di Guttuso" - Text by: Dario Micacchi - Ed.La Bezuga,Florence
1986 "Guttuso-Fotografia quotidiana" - Text by: Piero Berengo Gardin Ed.Mazzotta, Milan
1989 "Ritratti in nero con oggetto" - Text by : Camilla Cederna - Ed: Pieraldo, Rome
1992 "Simboli,Sguardi,Sogni" - Texts by: Mauro Bolognini, Irene Bignardi - Ed.Piraldo, Rome
1994 "Vizi pene e tinteforti"- Text by : Domenico de Masi - Ed.Museo Ken Damy, Brescia-Milan
1995 "Tarot Settanni"-Text by: Jean Louis Victor - Ed.AGMuller/Urania, Neuhausen CH
1998 "La memoria le immagini"-Texts by: Simona Argentieri, Giampiero Mughini - Ed.Pieraldo, Rome


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