exploring unconventional photographic techniques

Gregory Anthon
Anne Barnard
Rudie Berkhout
Marco Breuer
Agnes Denes
Amy Fisch &
Terry Maxedon
Emily Hartzell
Carter Hodgkin
Charles Mazel
Neil Reddy
Rich Scarpitta
Kunie Sugiura
Cheryl Van Hooven
Peter Van Riper

Curator MICHAEL VON UCHTRUP is pleased to present "The Nature of Light", an intriguing survey of 'alternative photography'. Included will be works in which no lens was used (pinhole photos, camera obscura) or no camera (photograms). Also on view will be examples of 3-D and invisible frequency images - holography, lenticular photography, infrared & ultraviolet photos, x-rays - also microphotography, laser-exposed photos, and other techniques which manifest and collaborate with the nature of light.

Fourteen artists have been selected who often start with commonplace items - objects from nature - even from their own bodies, and transform them so that the recorded images give us clues about how we actually see. We are reminded that our vision of the world around us is but one way of looking at things, that there is a lot that we only think we see and even more, within our reach, that we do not have the means to see at all. Together, the artworks - beautiful and enigmatic - offer us a deeper understanding of the awesome complexity of reality, in which our existence is but one aspect.

"The Nature of Light" was exhibited from September 12th through October 19th 1996 in New York City at the Joyce Goldstein Gallery. The reception was held on September 12th, and featured a short musical performance by Peter Van Riper investigating the phenomenon of waves, which distribute both light and sound.

The show is available to travel. Pleae contact Michael von Uchtrup for further information:
223 WEST 21 ST.
NEW YORK, NY 10011
212 627 0390