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Artistic statement

From the corner of shadow

I am standing at the window and observing how life is living itself. Passers-by are all so alike and so different at the same time…each of them is moving off in one`s own direction, passing me. I don't feel either solitary or distant. I don't feel strange…I am standing up at the window and contemplating. The reality is down there - where everyone is struggling, but I am just observing… Sometimes it seems that people, the trees, the earth are not solely people, trees or earth, but something more, expressing something greater. Sometimes a feeling emerges that things are not at all so simple and even fairy-tales have their own meaning…

I am just wrestling with myself and still observing how others are wrestling in the same forbidding way. I am profligate…I feast my eyes on beautiful sceneries…I am thieving them from the reality with a desire to own them only for myself… My photos originate from fear. I am afraid of people, from the moment somebody would touch me, invade me. I feel anxiety facing the act of communication and sometimes it seems to me that I am not particularly sane. I am afraid to live. I am avoiding and running away from myself like from a wicked enemy.
I am taking pictures of the passers-by from my window and I feel safe.